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Recovery Ice Tub

Recovery Ice Tub

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"I’ve used this product for a few weeks now and really like it. I wanted to start incorporating ice baths into my daily routine, but didn’t want to splurge for a super pricey one before understanding how much I’d use it. This was the perfect entry point for me. Easy to put together + very portable. I also like that it comes with a top."

6 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Recovery Ice Tub Today!

Eases sore & aching muscles

After a heavy workout or a stressful day, let your body relax and easy sore & aching muscles and relief stress by doing so. The cold will make your body feel really good and you will feel a strong sense of relaxation and happy feelings after taking your ice bath.

Decrease Inflammatory Response

The theory says that decreasing the local temperature after exercise helps limit inflammatory response, decreasing the amount of inflammation and helping you recover faster.

Boost Your Mental Health

Taking an ice bath will be a challenge every time. It will not get easier. So beating your inner resistance every and every time again will make your will power stronger and hard challenges will be easier to takle. 

Improved Sleep

According to Dan Bowen, an NPTI and NASM certified personal trainer, as well as the owner of Philadelphia's Hit Fitness, ice baths have the potential to enhance sleep quality. He points out that the exposure to cold water can positively influence the central nervous system, resulting in better sleep and an overall improved sense of well-being following just ten to fifteen minutes of immersion in such baths.

Reduce Risk of Injury

As highlighted by Gardner, ice baths can play a significant role in promoting recovery and alleviating soreness, thus aiding the overall recuperation process. Bowen further emphasizes that incorporating ice baths into your routine can effectively lower the risk of injuries.

Boost Your Immunity

Scientific evidence suggests that ice baths may act as immunity boosters. In a 2016 study published in the journal PLoS One, researchers discovered that individuals who regularly take ice baths experience a nearly 30 percent reduction in the likelihood of calling in sick for work or school, indicating potential immune-boosting effects. 

  • 29.5" wide & 29.5" tall
  • Reinforced walls & non-slip bottom ensure stability and safety during your recovery sessions
  • Its lightweight construction allows for easy transportation and storage, giving you the flexibility to use it whenever and wherever you need.
  • Convenient drain plug, enabling quick water drainage after each use
  • Insulation properties help maintain the desired temperature for an extended period

Invest in your recovery today with the Round Recovery Ice Tub and unlock the potential of cold therapy. Embrace the soothing benefits of ice baths, reduce inflammation, promote muscle recovery, and enhance your overall well-being. With its superior durability, user-friendly design, and spacious interior, this ice tub is your ultimate companion for achieving optimal recovery results. Upgrade your recovery routine and experience the difference with our Round Recovery Ice Tub.

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